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All the water we use in our operations area is


Groundwater resources formation and protection

The soil of the Salpausselkä terminal moraine formation is ideal for filtering rainwater. Our area of operations yields 100,000 cubic metres of groundwater every day, which is enough to fill more than 40 Olympic-size swimming pools.

The water is cleaned of bacteria and contaminants when filtered through layers of soil, so soil has a significant impact on the water quality.

A water table, or the surface of groundwater, is the level below which all porous space in the soil and bedrock is filled with water.

In the Lahti area, the distance from the groundwater surface to the surface of the earth varies from about two metres to up to 50 metres.

Groundwater protection

Groundwater protection is particularly important in Lahti and Hollola as residential and industrial areas are mainly located on top of their drinking water resources.

Once polluted, groundwater purification and remediation take a long time.