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130 official samples

are taken every year.

Monitoring of wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plants are monitored around the clock using an automated system.
Every week, 90 samples are also taken from the wastewater treatment plants, and more than 100 analyses are carried out on these samples. The wastewater treatment process is monitored and controlled on the basis of the results of these in-house analyses.

Harmful and hazardous substances are also monitored in the treated wastewater and the receiving body of water. In addition to our in-house monitoring, official samples are also taken from the treatment plants in accordance with the environmental permit of an external accredited laboratory.

The water leaving the Ali-Juhakkala, Kariniemi and Nastola treatment plants is discharged into the river Porvoonjoki, which flows into the Baltic Sea. It is our responsibility to ensure that the river Porvoonjoki has sufficient flow and oxygen content.

A well-managed wastewater treatment process is the most impactful measure to protect the environment.

It has positive effects on:

  • the safety of the environment;
  • the condition of waterways
  • the water cycle
  • sustainable development and
  • circular economy.