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The sewer is not a bin!


The sewer system is very picky and only accepts what started as food and drink in addition to toilet paper and wash water.

Water drainage

Our area of operations has more than 1,000 km of wastewater sewers, which take wastewater from domestic and industrial sewers to be treated at wastewater treatment facilities.

An automatic system monitors the operations at sewage pumping stations 24/7. There are almost 300 sewage pumping stations in our area of operations.

Preventive maintenance measures and repairs ensure minimal leakage so that no leaking water enters the wastewater treatment plants. This also significantly reduces energy consumption and the amount of chemicals used in the wastewater treatment plants. Sewer networks located in groundwater areas and in the vicinity of water bodies are especially closely monitored.

We work relentlessly to detect substances that should not be in the sewer system such as oils and other hazardous substances. When hazardous substances are detected as quickly as possible, it is possible to avoid having to make repairs in the network and to guarantee the normal operation of wastewater treatment plants.

In a one-year period

  • About 1,600 manholes are inspected
  • About 35 km of the sewer network is scanned and flushed with high pressure water
  • About 400 washes of sewage pumping stations are carried out